Clean and Professional HTML Template

Clean and Professional HTML Template

Clean Under Construction Template

This HTML template is for Company, Business, Products and Portfolio


1. HTML-ready template with 4 pages
2. Valid XHTML Strict and CSS
3. Tableless Design
4. 1 layered psd (main page)

Graphics Files Included: Layered PSD (main page)
License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.5

The zip file contains :
> 4 HTML Pages
> 1 Layered PSD
> High-resolution 1JPG Preview file

For Commercial use of the above template or to get new custom templates please feel free to contact us with below Email address,

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  • rod88


  • lady gaga

    Hey sada..lady gaga here…nice work

  • fazer site

    Can i modify this template for personal use?

    • Sada

      Yes! you can modify according to your project…. But you cannot sell the same :)

  • inspirationfeed

    WOW, this is awesome!

  • Divyang

    Hey that’s great template.
    One input I would like to provide is, it would be great if you can put drop-down in solutions tab, if any organization having multiple verticals, can also use that.


  • pattaya

    Can i modify this template for personal use?

  • sada

    Yes! pattaya you can modify this template for personal use…

  • olay

    That’s really nice. I wish I could create similar ones :)

  • Raboo

    Beautiful! Love your work!

  • emlak

    That’s really nice. I wish I could create similar ones

  • nethounder

    It is very nice template.. thanks for all the templates…

  • http://notreadyyet harris

    Great template.How can i edit the contact us form so instead of a link ,the message will be send to a mailbox?

  • chandrashekar reddy

    thanks for all the templates

  • macjaguar

    Thanks for the template, it has a special clear design (as named).
    I just miss only one file in the download package: font.swf
    It would be nice if you can post it or include in the zip-file.

  • bogdan

    hy, nice template… can u tell me how put make work the contact page from the template. i must write a script or someting else… i am a beeginer. sorry for my bad english.

  • Bursa Devlet Hastanesi

    That’s really nice. I wish I could create similar ones

  • web design hull

    Really nice template, thanks for sharing.

  • pagou

    nice work guys. very cool. I just wondering how can i add a sub-menu. any help?

  • mojtaba

    thank for your great Themes & tamplates

  • Jayasri Biswas

    is this beautiful template free? can i use it for a personal website?

    • Sada

      Yes you can use it for personal use…

  • Jayasri Biswas

    Thanks @Sada :) I was a bit busy elsewhere, couldn’t make it up yet. I’ll update the page link later:)

  • Mr-H

    so nice thanks

  • otomasyon

    Very nice!

  • Frank

    Nice work.
    but could you please share the FLA file ?

  • geek world news

    Nice and i also want to modify thanks for give permission.

  • hamile giyim

    Thanks for sharing with us. this is such a great information. i have just bookmarked your site and waiting for your next post

  • http://inprogress Olivier

    Hi, Sada. Very nice template. I am a beginner using notepad ++. What do I need to do if I want the send button to send e-mails to a mailbox instead of your website link? Thanks in advance.

  • nali

    Sada i am using this for personal use, i placed family photos on the slides but the pop up free theme on slide two how can i remove that so it doesnt come on the picture

    • nali

      never mind, figured

  • web design