WordPress Custom Login Theme – Pack1

  • scot

    This is a great tutorial but still there are things missing.. I know most people can do the slicing,but some can’t …

    But still the best one I have seen so far..

    • Thanks for your information scot… We hope will provide from upcoming post(s)

  • I have done and work for login page, but after it show up on Quick Press too, or I missing something?.

  • Yes!!! arief I think you went wrong with the CSS… Might be some selectors are inheriting the styles…

  • drex

    can u please make a ready-2-use package with pics & files, i mean just copy/remplace the files & you’re done of course after doin a back :p

    i’ll be thankfull & so everyone will

  • very good thanks admin

  • thank youu admin

  • thanx admin good

  • Great, template, thanks from Bulgaria

  • thanks admin. very nice post

  • Login.css make the necessary settings, and pictures of construction ?

  • Thanks admin, great nice post!

  • thanks a lot admins