Review: IzzoNet – The Best Online eCommerce Store Software

Surf the web and you see lot of options for building an online store. If you don’t want to self-host or start from scratch, then Design3edge recommends you the Izzonet Online Store. Just read along and we are sure you will agree with us.

About Izzonet:

The IzzoNet e-commerce platform has a user interface that features an administrative control panel with e-commerce tools, which clients can use to create their online stores.

IzzoNet is constantly developing new tools and applications related to marketing, advertising, distribution, sales management, vendors, social networks, design, security, and more. This can earn customers maximum income with minimum work and investment. Their goal is to enable anyone to fulfill a dream and build an independent business online.

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Why IzzoNet?

You can own a profitable business online without investing thousands – or hundreds of thousands – of dollars. You can build a stable business with growing profit and invest only a few dollars per month.

IzzoNet is a
  • All-in-one eCommerce solution
  • Fast & easy-to-use online store builder
  • Free beautiful customizable store designs
  • SSL security & eCommerce hosting included
  • eCommerce expert guidance from day 1
  • Full flexibility to answer all your needs
None of the IzzoNet competitors like Volusion, Shopify and Bigcommerce has got the following features. These things make IzzoNet the best online selling solution.
Lets throw some light on some of its features:

Drop Shipping Integration is a Web-based SRM Software which manages all your suppliers with Suppliers Relationship Management (SRM) system. Communicate with your suppliers, view and manage balances and invoices, track your orders and much more. Make your workflow as efficient as possible with IzzoNet advanced SRM software.

eBay Store Integration manages through convenient back-office. IzzoNet offers seamless eBay integration. Export your products from eBay into your IzzoNet online store and manage it all from one place.

Infinity Design feature has never been seen before and does not exist anywhere else but IzzoNet. It is the mother of all mothers of what we know as Drag and Drop. The Infinity feature allows you to move, change, relocate and basically control any element and or widget on your store. Unlike other Drag and Drop features, this feature is not limited by any HTML codes. It is actually a customized HTML code that has absolute control on anything displayed on your store.

Mobile Integration, mobile Commerce growth rates are phenomenal. Therefore, the Mobile Integration feature lets customers shop and surf on your store by using their mobiles. iPhone, Android and all other smart phone holders can acccess your store while on the go.

CSS Generator, here you can use existing CSS templates or tweak them to your liking with the CSS editor. Customize every aspect of your store’s background, buttons, colors and much more. It’s quick and it’s easy, no coding experience necessary!

Logo Maker, you can create beautiful custom logos with IzzoNet free logo maker. You don’t have to be a designer to have a professional looking logo; just enter your store’s name, pick a design and let us do the rest!

There are lots and lots of great features. This page wouldn’t be sufficient to list them out. So request you to visit all the features here.

Guys! What are you waiting for?? Just go ahead with a FREE 15 days trial. Go for a ride of all the features. You can drop out if you are not satisfied.(I am sure you will not drop though!!)..

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