Adobe InDesign CS6: Offers Advance Features for Web and Print Design

Digital and print media have gained great importance these days and the development in technology provide great support to print and web designers. Because of the lack of technology, web designers and print designers didn’t have many options to implement their creativity. However, now numerous design softwares and tools are available in the market which provide designers the freedom to execute their designs.

Adobe InDesign CS6

Adobe is well known company for providing design and development applications from a long time and the applications provided by them are highly appreciated by professional designers. One of the most popular software offered by Adobe is InDesign. InDesign CS6 is the most recent version released by Adobe and offers numerous new features that provide support to print and web designers. The InDesign is particularly developed for designing page layout; it provides you option to create pages for printing, website, tablets and more. The new InDesign CS6 provides you flexibility in terms of changing page layout according to your requirements, for instance if you have designed a particular page for web or printing you can easily adjust it for tablets and other devices.

We are going to discuss some prominent changes of Adobe InDesign CS6, starting from the interface. Previous Adobe InDesign interfaces were not designer friendly or you can say most people don’t consider it as a neat interface to work with but the new InDesign CS6 interface is much cleaner, finer and less complicated. Instead of crappy toolbars upfront, now you can easily switch between different tools without sticking on to all of them at once, most designers have acknowledged this sleek interface.

Adobe InDesign CS6 Screenshot

Another prominent feature offered by InDesign CS6 is Alternate Layout, this feature is highly effective for designers who work on marketing content, for instance you have designed a digital ad for a company and they want to use same ad for print media as well, guess what with Adobe InDesign CS6 you can easily modify digital ad into printable ad. In addition to that, the most useful feature offered in CS6 is Liquid Layouts, if you have to work on same type of page layout again and again, this feature allows you to set rules for moving content from one layout to another, also you can define rules for particular objects as well. This sounds quite simpler but the designer still holds the key, this tools only helps you to move the object within the defined rules and you have to adjust each object according to your need.

Linked content is one of the best features for busy designers, if you have to perform changes in numerous pages with same content its quite time taking but with Linked content feature, all you have to do is to perform changes in the single page and the rest of the pages will be updated automatically. So all these new features are highly supported for web and print designers, besides this InDesign provides you highly quality graphics. Mentioning high quality graphics reminds me of a critical issue which webmasters might have to face if they don’t have high performance hosting. A high quality web design requires faster and stable hosting severs so that web page can be loaded instantly. So always choose reliable web hosting company which offers support for heavy graphics and images. I always suggest people to compare different web hosting companies before picking any best web hosting company as hosting plays vital role in performance of your web.