Clashot: Mobile App

What is Clashot?

Clashot is a mobile application that not only gives you a chance to feel like a professional photojournalist but also provides you with unique opportunity to earn money shooting pictures with your mobile device. The application is brought to you by Depositphotos – one of the fastest growing stock photo agencies. On a daily basis Depositphotos interacts with media agencies and publications around the world supplying them with visual content.


How It Works

Create and publish photo reports
If you notice or participate in some exciting event, there is a simple way to share your impressions. With your mobile device, take several photographs using the Clashot mobile app, combine them into a Clashot and send it to – with just two clicks. Once uploaded to the website, your photo reports become available for viewing and discussing.

You can capture any kind of events: sports activities, concerts, celebrations, demonstrations, public speaking, accidents and anything that you consider worth notice.

Earn money selling photographs
The best works are selected to be sold in the Editorial section of Depositphotos, where they can be acquired by the leading news agencies and publishing houses. You will get royalties from every purchase of your photographs, and you can use the application to withdraw funds quickly and easily.

Join the photography community
The Clashot website is simple and easy to use: it allows you to view and comment on photo reports, add photos to your Favorites and follow the work of your fellow authors. Reports are sorted by subjects, so you can easily stay informed about major events in categories you are interested in, anywhere in the world. So just go ahead and download from the Apple store – Clashot on iTunes

The Clashot application will make you feel like a professional photojournalist and give you an opportunity to earn money taking photos with your mobile device.