Starting an Online Shop: Create a Marketing Strategy

Creating an online shop requires more than a web design, payment methods, and what you will sell – it requires you to have an excellent marketing strategy. In the age of online shopping, you want your store to stand out from the others. Sit down and consider the different elements you want in your store and begin building a strategy that will help bring success for your new business. This blog will discuss the various ways to market as well as how a marketing strategy is integral to building your store and acquiring customers.

Starting an Online Shop: Create a Marketing Strategy

Starting an Online Shop: The Importance of Marketing

Marketing is a scary word for people who are just starting their new shop. Independent shops rely on self-promotion, which is difficult for most people. Because of this difficulty, many shops attempt to only do minimal promotion and eventually close down due to lack of sales. Do not be afraid of marketing, instead embrace it and create a strategy that makes you feel comfortable. The best thing about marketing your online company is that many methods are either free or cheap, meaning you do not have to delegate many funds to advertisement. This will help you save a significant amount of money and will help get your online store open quicker.

Social Media is the Best Form of Marketing

When starting an online shop, you will find that social media is a huge help in marketing, especially if you are reaching out to Millennials. You are able to update or tweet about deals in your shop and your followers can share your material with their followers through instant share methods. A great way to encourage social media shares by hosting giveaways. Many online shops will host a giveaway on their blog and allow for multiple entries for shares on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. People enjoy signing up for giveaways and will do all that they can to put their name into the pool as often as possible.

Create an Email List to Generate Interest

While some businesses think email marketing is going the way of the dinosaur, consumers prove that is not the case. In fact, the majority of people check their email when they first wake up. Emails can bring major revenue and attention to your business. This is a chance to connect with multiple clients at once with one message whether it is about new items being added to your shop, that you are taking donated items to sell, or that you will be “closed” for a certain time. Plan how often you send out emails and make sure you are not sending them out too often. You need to send them out enough to keep your business in customers’ minds but not so often that they become overwhelmed with all the email clogging their inbox. The best way to learn how often people want email updates it to form a poll asking what your customers prefer. This not only keeps you from sending too many emails but also helps customers feel you are willing to listen to their wants.

Learn from Competitors

If you are new to being a small business owner or are new to selling online, this is a chance for you to learn from your competitors. Many business owners know who their competitors are already but if you are unsure, you can research your niche market and see which results show. Go to various social media sites or take a survey of potential and existing customers to learn about who your competitors are and what clients like about them. Learn lessons from all types of competitors, not just the very successful ones. You need to study methods that will work, but also find out which methods do not work. Watch their marketing strategy and see if there are ways to implement them into your own. It is important to note that while you are encouraged to learn from your competitors, you are not being encouraged to steal from them. Turn their strategies into unique strategies for your unique business.

Press Releases Are Still Great

As you start an online shop, you may hear people say to avoid press releases but these simple marketing tools will still benefit your business. A press release is a professional document that details what your business does and how it can benefit customers. Press releases are easy for supporters of your company to share with others and will grow your client base. Look at some examples of successful press releases online and create one for your new shop.


Marketing is crucial to a successful business. Online ads can provide links to your website, sending people immediately to your shop in a way physical ads can never do. Sit down and begin making a marketing strategy, expect to learn new ways to market yourself, and implement these changes as your business grows.