11 Amazing Black Friday Deals That Are Real

Excited, exhilarated, exuberant and a couple of other good ‘ex’s, this is how we feel about our Black Friday deals. Read all about them below and tell us how they make you feel.

1. X by Themeco

X by Themeco
Themeco have just launched their new release, X 3.0. All eyes are on this new feature rich WordPress theme that promises to revolutionize the theme market. It offers some incredible features that will help users achieve their goals and design the web sites of their dreams effortlessly. The novelties of X 3.0 are the powerful Extensions that were built by Themeco to work seamlessly with X. Among these Extensions there is Facebook Comments that will allow you to integrate Facebook comments on your web site instead of the standard WordPress ones. Custom 404 is another witty Extension that will let you redirect all your site’s 404 errors to a custom made page that you can fully control. You are free to create any layout by using page templates, shortcodes and many more. MailChimp will help you create custom options forms much easier and quicker than ever before. Moreover, you’ll be able to adjust even the smallest details of your forms and even subscribe users to a MailChimp email list. The Content Dock Extension is a simple tool that will allow you to place marketing offers in front of your users in an elegant manner. X 3.0 is endlessly customizable and comes with outstanding new shortcodes that are only waiting for you to let your creativity flow and build your very own web site. Take a look at all the awesome things Themeco is offering this Black Friday by clicking on the button below.

2. Templates Master

Templates Master
Many a times have customers abandoned shopping carts because they grew too frustrated with complicated and long-drawn-out checkout processes. If you want to save your website and business from this risk, then you need Templates Master’s Firecheckout 2.0, the new one-step checkout service. Your customers will love the fact that they can order in thirteen languages and set the delivery date for their orders themselves. They’ll also appreciate the swift and productive checkout experience. In turn, you will improve your sales (clients’ case studies showed that sales went up from 10% to 70%), customize the checkout section however you want by adding or removing fields, define default shipping and payment methods or having your customer fields displayed in order emails, PDF invoices and customer order view. Additionally, Firecheckout 2.0 supports United Kingdom post-code look up and the address finder by Crafty clicks. To put it simply, thanks to Templates Master you will work less and win more. If you’re quick enough, you can get this awesome service at a 30% discount within the Magento Black Friday promotion – all you have to do is enter the BLCK2014 code after you click the button below.

3. Designmodo

Designmodo sells awesome web site building items like UI kits (Flat UI Pro, Square UI and Bricks UI) and their extremely popular and well loved Startup Framework for WordPress. Designmodo is already renowned for their high quality products that appeal to web designers, developers, startups and freelancers alike. The team at Designmodo has something for everyone. Besides all the products you can purchase for your website, you’ll also find helpful tutorials that will get your better acquainted with your ordered items. The design kits were created by taking into consideration the ease of future layouts, so as to spare web developers from unnecessary issues. All the components and icons were created with Shape Layers, so you can be sure you will be able to change the size and quality of an image. What is more, all images are ready to use on Retina resolution. This is the moment to splurge for the sake of your website because Designmodo is discounting all their products by 70% for Black Friday, click on the button below and go wild.

4. Usersnap

Usersnap is a quick solution that will save you a lot of time in pinpointing the issues that your users are facing. You’ll be closer to fixing the problem faster than you thought. Not all users are tech savvy and able to correctly describe the issue they have on your site. Fortunately, with Usersnap you can get understandable bug reports and visual feedback from your customers. You will never be forced to ask for a screenshot again. The visual bug tracker Usersnap will create screenshots of the current browser content so you can see exactly what your user sees. Usersnap is very user friendly and annotating issues could not be any easier. Problems are pointed out immediately, which means you won’t have to deal with incomprehensible bug reports from your users ever again. Usersnap will even match your corporate identity due to the multitude of available templates. With the Black Friday deal you can enjoy a lifetime 20% discount for Usersnap by using the coupon “USERSNAP¬BLACKFRIDAY14” and clicking on the button below.

5. Themify

Themify is the ideal tool if you need to make your web site shine but you don’t have time to learn coding or programming. Themify’s feature rich framework will take web designing to a whole new level. You will have access to a Drag and Drop Builder, custom widgets, shortcodes and many new amazing Addons. The new Builder Addons will make your life even easier and bring spectacular results with just a few clicks. These add-ons are modules that extend the Themify Builder and can be used with any Themify theme or Builder Plugin. Eager to find out what the Addons can do? You can display content in a timeline styled layout by using Timeline or sport the Windows 8 Metro Layout by using Tiles. The WooCommerce add-on will allow you to show products anywhere in the Builder. You’ll be able to create audio playlists, custom designed action buttons and simple contact forms. Music to your ears? Then take advantage of their Black Friday deal now and use the coupon BLACKFRIDAY for a 40% discount on any Themify product by clicking on the button below. After you make a purchase at Themify, don’t forget to enter their iPad Mini draw. Good luck guys!

6. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes
Online marketplaces are saturated with WordPress themes, but few of these can deliver what Elegant Themes products do. If you’re looking for one of a kind design, reliability, and outstanding customer service, then you should know Elegant Themes have the perfect theme for you and it’s called Divi. It will take your website from dull to stunning in just a few minutes. Elegant Themes’ shortcodes, page templates and theme options set them apart from the crowd and offer you complete control over your web site. Divi comes with a lot of cool new features, like the Divi Builder that was created especially with user experience in mind. This builder will transform elements in visual building blocks, allowing everyone to understand and edit a page’s layout. And all this without any coding and programing knowledge. The Divi Modules incorporate unique options that will give you full control over customizing your website. If you’re ready to start building the website of your dreams don’t miss the chance to receive a 20% discount for developer subscriptions at Elegant Themes by clicking the button below.

7. PowerMockup

PowerMockup is a PowerPoint add-on that will help you create your own elements and have your own wireframe tool for prototyping web, mobile or desktop apps. PowerMockup will come with a library of wireframe elements and icons that can be dragged and dropped on a PowerPoint slide. PowerMockup will turn your PowerPoint into a wireframe tool so you can enjoy hundreds of stencils and icons, various import and export options (PDF, PNG, EMF) and powerful drawing tools for grouping, aligning and layering shapes. PowerMockup will work seamlessly with Word (it works with PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and 2013) and other Microsoft Office apps. Now you’ll be able to avoid costly surprises thanks to the wireframes sketches that will help you intercept even the smallest design error before it has been implemented in code. PowerMockup will even let you refine designs in real time, for example before or even during a meeting. If you’re ready to check out all these awesome features for yourself, we have a 50% discount for you that you can get by clicking on the button below.

8. Improvely

Are you tired of losing money online because of click fraud? Do you want to find out what’s causing it and how to stop it, but you don’t want to invest in a bunch of separate tools that could help you? If your answer is yes, then you need Improvely, the ultimate service for click fraud monitoring and conversion tracking. This service has all the necessary tools for identifying the source of every signup or sale on your website, whether it stems from paid marketing campaign or organic traffic. It will also track your ads and inspect all clicks for signs of fraudulent activity at any given time. You will be instantly alerted via email about all click frauds and you will have at your disposal all the tools needed to recover the lost money and prevent future losses. Other amazing tools that will be available with Improvely are A/B split testing and rotation of ad landing pages. You can get your hands on this must-have service this Black Friday by signing up for a 14-day free trial plus 10% off any subscription plan for life! Simply click on the button below and you’re good to go!

9. Hotjar

Finding out what your viewers like and dislike about your site will help you increase your page view numbers and even transform viewers into customers. If you want to be able to check for yourself what the hot spots on your site are and what fields you should better remove, Hotjar will offer you all the tools and clever features to get to know your clients better. What makes Hotjar unique among all the other similar solutions out there is that this is a unified platform that offers many key functionalities all in one place. And the best thing is the price. Unlike the competitors’ overpriced products that only offer one functionality, Hotjar will deliver outstanding features at a fraction of the price: only 29$ per month. Hotjar’s clever Heatmaps will display your users’ behaviour through hot spots: just at a glance you’ll be able to see the taps, clicks and scroll events triggered on your site, which means you will be able to see exactly what attracts your customers and what they avoid. In addition, Hotjar’s new tool, Insights, will help you uncover the real website user behaviour and experience so you can improve your site’s UX and conversion rates. Get Hotjar right now by clicking on the button below.

10. Wingify

The renowned Visual Website Optimizer is a tool that offers a highly productive and intuitive A/B testing tool. The Visual Website Optimizer will help you increase sales and conversions, modify landing pages without having to touch a single line of code, pinpoint what works and what drives customers away with the help of the clever real time reports. The Visual Website Optimizer offers numerous testing guides and tips and tricks on how to better handle their features. If you ever need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to their supportive staff that will gladly assist you on any issue. The Visual Website Optimizer will enable you to effortlessly create A/B tests, carry out multiple variation tests, split URL testing and even iOS Apps optimization effortlessly. VWO’s interface is intuitive, so it is great for beginners who are just starting up. This Black Friday VWO rewards you with a coupon that you can easily get by signing up for a free trial and clicking the “Upgrade” orange button on the page you are automatically directed to. By using the special Black Friday coupon (vwo-black-friday) available from the 28th to the 30th of November you will have 3 months validity and 30,000 visitors automatically added to your account.

11. FastIcon

If you’re in the market for pixel-perfect, ready-to-use icons, look not further than FastIcon Stock Icons. This service offers you a gallery of over 3000 vector icons that cover any needs you can possibly have. If you don’t believe us, feel free to browse their gallery right now and see for yourself. All the icons offered by FastIcon are fully customizable, you can alter size, orientation, colour and even strokes without losing any quality. What’s more, FastIcon offers a variety of styles from the ever popular flat to outline or cartoon. All FastIcon icons are compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, websites and more and they’ll add the perfect finishing touch to any project you have in the works. Do you want more? Well, FastIcon offers a choice for you to get their icons, either in small, categorized sets or in large all-encompassing bundles and this Black Friday they offer discounts ranging from 40% to 70% on all items in their gallery. Get started by clicking on the button below.