10+ Important Web Development Tools & Services 2015

You really must stop for whatever you are doing and read this wonderful list of more than 10 important tools and services, we recommend you to use in 2015. You will find different tools and nice services that will help you in your projects.



Pidoco is a browser-based app for rapidly creating wireframes and UI prototypes for mobile, web and enterprise applications. The created wireframes are clickable, with elements that can link with other screens, but are also interactive and can react to gestures or trigger animations, such as page transition effects. The prototypes can be previewed in a standard web browser or with an app that allows you to test them on mobile devices. As with Photoshop, parts of your designs can be held in layers that can be reused on different screens. This powerful feature helps you avoid redundant work and simplifies design iterations, since you only need to make changes in one place to update the entire prototype. Pidoco is easy to use with smart sharing and collaboration features, which allow you to conveniently gather feedback. Despite its ease of use, Pidoco offers a high level of functionality, and you can make everything from the most basic wireframes to the most high-tech, interactive prototypes.



TeamDesk has a number of premade apps that you can check out to get ideas on how to put it to use for your business. For anything from real estate records to accounting, project management to issue tracking, the ways you can put TeamDesk to work for your business are limitless. You can build anything you want with TeamDesk’s database software without any programming. In a few moments you can have ready your trial account for 14 days.



With Usersnap, you will save a lot of time by pinpointing the issues that your users are facing. This is the best solution to fixing the problems and it’s faster than you can think. You know that not all users are tech pros and they cannot easily describe the issues they have on their website. With Usersnap, you will get understandable bug reports, but also visual feedback from your customers. Be sure that you will never be forced to ask for a screenshot again and this is really important, as anybody appreciates this feature. This visual bug tracker will create screenshots of the current browser content, so you can see what your users sees. This software is the most user friendly we’ve ever saw and annotating issues are a real pleasure.



What can HTML5MAKER do for you ? It’s the best solution for creating responsive and awesome animations that are also compatible with Google AdWords and Google Double-Click. It’s also a banner maker and the results are awesome. You can choose from many templates and you can embed your own animations from the cloud into your website. You can even share the animations with your customers. HTML5MAKER provides a Photo Editor and Transition Effects that help you easily create wonderful animations, whether they are banners or just sliders.



Themify themes are some of the best anyone can wish for. These themes help non-coders to easily customize websites, without having to deal with lines of code. Themify framework is beautiful designed and is really advanced. It includes a drag-and-drop builder, shortcodes but also wonderful custom widgets. Using Themify, you can build unique designs.



Framebench invented a new approach for professionals to work together as they can share and review any file across remote locations.
It is a professional cloud based platform that enables users to come together and view visual assets (images,documents, videos) in perfect sync, mark and annotate over them in real time alongside chatting over the inbuilt channels. All these changes are then available for rest of the team to be viewed by your team any time from anywhere. This means real-time communication which is a must have nowadays.



In order to find the best deals and awesome freebies, you must go to DealFuel, as it’s the perfect place. You will have access to anything you need in order to improve your website. It offers lots of eBooks,eCourses but also WordPress themes and plugins. To make your life easier, DealFuel features a varied collection of bundles, software tools and SEO.

8. Ghost Lab App

Ghost Lab App

Every web developer and designer needs cross browser testing, through which he compares a website’s look and performance among different browser versions and platforms. Most it is an important and often frustrating task but not with Ghost Lab App. This wonderful app helps you do the job in a nice and fast way. We recommend you this service, as we are also using it.



Bugrocket is one of the best bug tracking solutions, as it was built by developers for developers to solve their own problems. This awesome project lets you focusing on writing code, rather than dealing with your bug tracking software. Capture the bug, discuss the problem, verify when it’s fixed and that’s it!



ShopSite is one of the best e-commerce shopping cart systems for small to medium sized businesses .It is updated with the latest features and services on the market, that anyone desire to use. A real benefit of this solution, is that ShopSite is really a stable commerce platform. For us, it’s the primary solution.



When you want the next level in homemade video, you have to use Wideo. This is a awesome platform for creating, editing and sharing animated video for free. With Wideo, anyone can make wonderful wideos, whether it’s for pure fun or work. You can easily insert backgrounds, sounds, objects and all of these with just some clicks.

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