Tools & Resources for Web Developers – 2015 Edition

When looking for the right tools to help you in your work as a web developer or graphic designer you may come across some amazing ones and you might end up frustrated because you can’t find any decent ones. Well’ we figured we’d lend a helping hand with your search and compiled on very own list of the best tools and resources available right now.

1. Stamplia


Most independent designers struggle with the difficulty of finding clients and waste valuable time on the selling process. Luckily, Stamplia is a marketplace that eliminates designers’ lack of clients, offering them the ideal place to sell their work. At Stamplia you’ll find templates for newsletters and transactional emails (registration confirmation, password reminders) and registration forms. Created by more than 6000 designers worldwide, these templates are carefully verified so that they meet the market’s quality standards. As a buyer, you can browse through hundreds of unique, high quality designs and find exactly what you need. As a seller, you can enjoy a steady, reliable income from your designs. The Stamplia Builder is a tool that will enable you to produce email templates quicker than before. The drag and drop feature is intuitive and the live previewer is a real time saver. Once you’re satisfied with the look and feel of your work, just hit export and share your creativity with hundreds of potential clients.

2. Notism


No creative team wants to get caught up in an endless cycle of sending e-mails back and forth to their clients in order to get the necessary feedback and instructions to carry on with a project. Whether we’re talking about design, advertising, media, entertainment or technology projects, there now is a tool for commenting and sketching in real time, as well as for creating prototypes and running usability tests: Notism. Once a project is uploaded on Notism, comments and sketches can be made directly on the uploaded work. What’s more, communicating in video timelines and right on the uploaded content is also possible. Notism will additionally allow you to upload several versions of designs and videos and to easily switch back and forth between them. The possibilities don’t end here though; you can also turn static screens into interactive prototypes without having to touch a single line of code, as well as delegate work to team members either right out of Notism or with tools such as Basecamp and Asana.

3. Fire Checkout

Fire Checkout

If ramping up your sales from 10% to 70%, improving your checkout process and increasing your conversion rate sound like something you’d like to achieve, then you need to start using the Fire Checkout 2 extension specially created for Magento stores. The layout of this one page checkout is fully customizable: you get to decide what to display by choosing up to 5 custom fields. Fire Checkout is completely AJAX based and is available in 11 language. Goodbye reloading, hello fast checkout! The advanced geolocation technology can pinpoint your client’s country, city and state. One Page Fire Checkout also allows you to define the default shipment and payment options, multiply store license and display your customer fields in your order emails and PDF invoices. Designed with the customers’ experience in mind, Fire Checkout is fully mobile optimized. This means it’s optimized both for mobile devices and for tablets devices and it will have a responsive design right out of the box.

4. Pintastic – Pinboard Social network script


Pintastic is a exact Pinterest clone software that takes things to a whole new level. It offers a vast library of highly advanced features that will cater even to the most demanding requirements. This unique tool will enable you to build your own online pinboard script, and earn a steady income. The wide range of add-on marketplace script modules will take you one step closer to monetizing your business with just a few clicks. So what makes Pintastic stand out from the crowd? Firstly, it helps you create a website that is completely responsive, so you don’t have to worry about users logging in from phones or tablets. The amazing design Pintastic 4 brings to your layout combines innovations with functionality and effectiveness so your users can enjoy seamless navigation. And thanks to the implemented meta tags, your content will be guaranteed optimal indexing and maximum organic search traffic. Ready for more good news? With Pintastic you can share your pins on almost 300 social sites and, benefiting from the register and login options of Facebook and Twitter.

5. actiPLANS


If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to manage your employees’ leave time, actiPLANS will be the right solution for you. This leave time management software helps you get rid of unnecessary paperwork and endless back and forth emails when requesting time off. The entire request/approval process will be automated and you will have a better view of your company’s leave schedule than ever before. What’s more, actiPLANS also makes it easy for you to calculate time off balance and define rules for PTO accrual calculation. At your disposal you will always have a complete chart of who and when is taking time off, full leave time history, customizable leave types and even integration with time tracking software. With this cloud-based software employees will plan their leaves wisely and managers will get a better sense of what resources are available at any given time.

6. PowerMockup


Creating a wireframe is an important step for any screen design process. We have great news for all web developers and designers out there: they can now use PowerMockup to turn PowerPoint into a wireframing tool. This ingenious add-on helps users to seamlessly create prototypes for mobile, web and desktop applications. Briefly put, PowerMockup will integrate a library pane into the PowerPoint window, giving you instant access to the included wireframe and mockup stencils. It rocks a wide range of user interface elements and icons that are incredibly easy to handle thanks to the drag-and-drop system: select the desired stencil from the library pane and then simply drag it wherever you want on the PowerPoint slide. Moreover, the PowerMockup library is extensible, which means that you can even add your own stencils and export them to a file so that you can share them if necessary. Top-notch professionals such as Intel, Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft and Xerox are already using PowerMockup, so you should pay a visit to and see for yourself what made them choose this awesome add-on – we guarantee you will want to do the same!

7. IconBeast


If you like using icons and symbols, then IconBeast will quickly become your new favorite place. The professional team at IconBeast offers pixel perfect icons and symbols that are ready to be used in apps, websites, banners or prints. With more than 3000 iOS Tab Bar and Toolbar Icons and 500 free iOS Tab Bar Icons available, this is a reliable source of inspiration that is very easy to use. IconBeast Pro is iPhone/iPad ready and works great in Android, website, printing and much more. For only 75$ IconBeast Pro offers 3036 unique items (animals, sports, food, tools). This is an ever-expanding collection and you’ll be kept up to date with the addition of each new item. All the icons are saved separately in individual PNG transparency files and are Retina Display ready. The free version is IconBeast Lite and offers 500 free iOS Tab Bar Icons for iPhone and iPad that can be used in projects completely free of charge.

8. Getsy – Multi Vendor Marketplace Script


Getsy is the bestselling Etsy PHP clone script currently on the market. It enables anyone anywhere to start their own multi vendor platform within one day. Building a business and making money has never been this easy ever before. Getsy provides you with a website that is stable and ready to handle over 1,000,000 user “likes” and “purchases” per hour and it can handle as many as 1,150 visiting users per minute without breaking a sweat. This powerful platform merges the elements of an online store and a social network, resulting in the ideal place for buyers and sellers to conclude business. Getsy 2.0 is a next generation PHP marketplace script. It enables you to start up a social eCommerce solution in which users can follow each other, create stores, buy and sell items. This professional marketplace solution stands out from the crowd through its 100% responsive design, improved security and scalability, multiple payment options and geolocation module which offers you exposure and access to a wide range of potential clients.

9. Argento Template

Argento Template

Wondering how to improve your store and finally watch those sales figure ramp up? The new Argento theme for Magento was created from scratch so that you can improve your conversion rates and keep you clients happy and satisfied. You can use Argento in as many stores as you need and you can cancel your subscription and still use your theme. Argento comes with guaranteed support and is powered with 14 most popular extensions. The additional extensions such as Sold Together and Suggest Page will definitely help you attract more customers and increase your average order size. This new theme was designed to be fast and efficient. It’s based only on CSS sprite techniques, which means the number of https requests made to the server will be reduced. Argento guarantees your store improved HTML structure for better Magento SEO performance. This includes the right usage of SEO important tags and HTML attributes.

10. actiTIME


Projects with rigid schedules can be stressful and, if the team is large enough, hard to keep under control, unless you’re using time tracking software like actiTIME. actiTIME allows you to view task estimates, set up deadlines and notifications, see detailed reports on staff performance and overtime and more. It is a perfect tool to help you manage your projects efficiently and successfully. Using actiTIME, you’ll be able to review past performance on projects and set the right priorities for future ones. You’ll also have the possibility to calculate project cost and staff salary, as well as issue invoices all from within the same tool. What’s more, actiTIME offers an easy-to-use mobile app, so you’ll have the option to add comments or to dos on your task list wherever you are. Regardless of your company’s size, actiTIME is the right tool for you and, if you’re just starting out, there’s a completely free version of actiTIME available for small teams.