Self Promotion CV


This CV Resume is free for individual and business use. This a non-conventional approach to displaying your attitudes and make an impression. The compress includes .AI documents, text styles, symbols, logos, illustrations and so on. The designer has utilized Adobe Illustrator using a stylish palette of gray, black and white, and it is additionally highlighted with a splendid green that keeps running all through the piece, adding the right measurements of a visual hobby.
Created and Released by Paolo PettigianiBehance | Instagram.

Filetype: ai
Size: 4.21 mb
Info: Editable Text Areas
License: Free for Personal and Commercial Use

Self Promotion CV

  • orpheusdevelopment

    Is anyone else not able to download this? Whenever I click download it just goes to behance!

    • design3edge

      Hey, sorry about that! Download link is working now!!