Top 10 Popular JavaScript Frameworks For Mobile App Development

JavaScript tops the chart as one of the popular programming languages for front-end development. Besides helping the web developers design the beautiful interfaces, JavaScript can also be used for designing the web applications with lots of features and functionalities. These days, this programming language has made its usage more common as a client-side scripting language.

JavaScript frameworks hold the utmost importance in the web app development. For incorporating the features like two-way data binding, AJAX support, event handling, as well as cross-browser support, and more, these frameworks play their vital role in accomplishing all the related tasks.

Here is a list of popular JavaScript frameworks that are used for mobile app development.

1. jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile comes as a free web framework and helps the developers in the rapid development of apps that are accessible across different mobile devices. The framework is renowned for offering the exceptional UI across a range of platforms that include Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Android, WebOS, Windows phone, Symbian, and more.


2. Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is one of the most popular frameworks among developers. The framework is popular as it is renowned for being the first HTML5 framework that can be used either for smartphones or tablets. The framework offers a number of developer-friendly features such as a complete set of themes for mobile platforms, renowned MCV software architecture pattern, enriched UI, extensive data package, and much more. 2-sencha-mobile

3. PhoneGap

This framework has a WYSIWYG IDE that is open source and has been built in emulation. The framework is most commonly utilized to build native hybrid apps for mobile platforms that are based basically on Cordova which makes use of built-in JavaScript APIs to get a connection with device’s native functions such as camera, contacts, etc.


4. Angular.js

Angular.js is renowned as the front-runner of JavaScript frameworks. The best news about this framework is that it gives power to the programmer to build single page web apps. More to it, the development of single page web apps is done with the help of directives. Directives are used for adding reusable code to the application for incorporating the dynamic functionality.


5. React.js

React.js has been counted among the popular front-end JavaScript frameworks. React.js helps in creating the UI Part of projects. Moreover, the development of front-end component is easy with this particular framework. Because of this reason, companies such as Facebook as well as Instagram use this framework for their advantage.


6. Ember.js

Ember.js comes in use when there is the requirement of creating complex web applications. The framework uses two important elements to pull up the things. The first is the two-way binding method and another is fastboot.js module. Fastboot.js works much similar to React.js and helps in rendering DOM on the server side. Thus, it gets easy to render even the complex UI.


7. Spine

Spine.js is another JavaScript framework that is based on MVC model-view-controller application design architecture. Spine is inspired by Backbone.js and helps to backup lightweight controller implementations. The related library has been written in CoffeeScript and its sole dependency lies in jQuery. Spine has some exceptional features that include multiple browser support and more.


8. Zepto.js

Zepto.js is an open-source, jQuery compatible framework for developing mobile apps built especially for mobile WebKit browsers such as Safari as well as Chrome. The best news about this framework is that it has a lightweight codebase. Zepto is much easier to learn by the developers who are very much familiar with jQuery. The architecture of this framework is much similar to jQuery.


9. Enyo

Being a free object-oriented application framework that requires JavaScript and HTML5 to build mobile apps, it enables the apps to be easily accessible on platforms such as Android, BalckBerry, iOS, and more. The latest version of Enyo offers features such as internationalization, localization, etc. That is a plus for many developers to include it in mobile app development.


10. Backbone.js

Backbone.js is one of the oldest JavaScript frameworks. The framework is lightweight, which is an exceptional thing about it. Backbone.js is highly versatile and an MVC framework, which powers sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, and more. This framework comes as an exceptional choice to the developers when there are single projects to be made wherein speed matters the most.


The Bottom Line

The compilation of these JavScript powered frameworks has been done on the basis of their versatility and the popularity among the developers. Besides this list, there are a number of other frameworks that are utilized now and then.

As JavaScript is becoming one of the most important web development components with innovative features, the related frameworks are now becoming more robust to offer feature rich functionalities when web development is accomplished.

Author Bio: Tom Hardy is a passionate developer at Sparx IT Solutions – App Development Company and is indulged in searching about new mobile and web technologies that help in enhancing the functionalities of websites on both the platforms. He keeps updating the readers about the latest trends through engaging write-ups. Follow him on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

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