10 Handy Tools And Resources For Starting a New Project

When starting off with a new project, be it a website or an application, it is important that you have access to the best tools and resources available. They can prove to be real life savers. So, without further ado, here is the list we’ve compiled to get you started.

1. BeTheme


Muffin Group is a team of creative developers that always focuses on new technologies and new horizons. BeTheme is the perfect example of the quality work they put out. This theme comes with over 180 pre-made layouts with one click installation and 20 different header styles. It offers you access to the Muffin Builder and other compatible Visual Composers in order to make it as easy as possible for you to customize your website as you see fit. From there on, it gives you a powerful admin panel to make your administering work simple and efficient. In addition to this, Muffin Group is always bringing improvements to their product. The latest update has brought better speed to BeTheme and has improved user experience. In addition to this, Muffin Group has setup custom support for all its users and ensures that you’ll receive an answer to your question within 24 hours.

2. Jupiter business WordPress theme


If only the thought of launching or enhancing your website if enough to give you a headache, we have the right solution for you. The new Jupiter business WordPress theme comprises strong features and reliable tools that make it more appealing than hiring a freelance author or a web design agency. With more than fifty gorgeous templates from various sectors and niches, the Jupiter WordPress theme is a true game changer. Publishing content to your website is more than just uploading a photo or editing a text. The team behind Jupiter created and enhanced their product with user experience in mind. What they are offering suits any type of business and promises to make your brand grow. The file size reduction, faster page load time, and better overall performance are bound to increase your conversion rate and help your content get the attention it deserves. Jupiter is intuitive, however, customers who encounter any problem are encouraged to reach out to the friendly support team who works around the clock to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

3. Unsplash


Are you on the lookout for some pictures for your website but can only seem to find the same boring, stale stock photos that you’ve seen on a hundred other sites already? Look no further than This website offers you access and free reign to use some of the best high resolution pictures available anywhere.

4. PowerMockup


If you agree that prototyping should be quick and easy, you will definitely love PowerMockup. This efficient tool enables you to create app, desktop and mobile prototypes without leaving PowerPoint. A simple to install add-on, PowerMockup becomes an integrated part of PowerPoint, giving you the opportunity to browse through its extensive library with just one click. Using the shapes and elements can be done in the blink of an eye, with the handy Drag and Drop feature. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, you’ll have no problem using PowerMockup and taking advantage of all its amazing benefits. Bring your ideas to live with only a few clicks and create stunning presentations from your first try. Get ready to sweep your clients and colleagues off their feet with the virtually endless prototyping possibilities offered by PowerMockup. Don’t hesitate to create your own shapes and elements and add them to your library so you can use them again on your future projects.

5. Swiss Up Labs


Increasing your conversion rate and keeping your customers satisfied is not as difficult as it may seem. Swiss Up Labs have just released 23 new Magento extensions that aim to boost your sales figures by improving your visitors’ shopping experience. The team have created clever modules that address different needs of your users. Get ready to enhance your e-store, make it faster and more visually appealing with a simple installation. Built from scratch, the extensions will help you highlight new products, advertise promo sales or let your users know that they can benefit from a seasonal discount for your entire product range. Browse through the innovative modules and choose what best suits your needs. The Full Page Cache extension will make your store tenfold faster, which is bound to encourage your clients spend more time on the site and buy more. Make sure to also check the Banners and Custom Blocks extension that will allow you to manage pop-up windows from the comfort of your own admin interface.

6. actiTIME


You can stop worrying about keeping tabs on the time you spend working on various projects and handing in your work before the deadline. actiTIME will help you make smart decisions basing on the collected key business information. An innovative and fast time tracking software, actiTIME will enable you to manage your workload more effectively than ever. Fearing you’ll go over the budget again? actiTIME has powerful tools that will help keep your expenses under control at all times. The budget control notifications are a friendly reminder that you should be paying more attention to your time and money. actiTIME time tracking software is an amazing tool that will rid you of the necessity of using Excel spreadsheets to track everything that is going on in your company. Rely on the actiTIME mobile app to help you get stuff done even if you are on a business meeting with important clients.

7. actiPLANS


actiPLANS is a clever software that will automate the leave request management process in your company. Quick and easy to use, this powerful tool will enable you to request, approve, reject or modify leave time submissions in an instant. All of this is done within an appealing and intuitive interface. actiPLANS is highly flexible, which makes it great both for small teams and larger firms. Users are enabled to create an unlimited number or custom leave type. Furthermore, these can be customized with different settings or rules. The helpful email notifications make sure to keep managers in the loop with everything that is going on in the firm: leave time requests, changes in work schedules, lack of available resources. actiPLANS makes sure you’re always up to speed with its useful mobile app that allows your employees to notify others when they miss work or they will be late. The changes in schedule can be sent both from an iOS or Android device.

8. CloudCart


CloudCart is more than an eCommerce website builder. It is a team of developers dedicated to creating the best platform for creating online stores possible. They are constantly adding new, useful features to CloudCart at no additional price to users and that’s not all. CloudCart has created a platform that allows you to create your store in 30 seconds. All you have to do is: register an account, choose a template, add your products and you’re ready to go. In addition to this, you will gain access to a user-friendly website builder that will allow you to customize your website to your heart’s desire. CloudCart will charge you no transaction fees, all your incomes will come directly to you. Moreover, with CloudCart you will have access to 24/7 support dedicated to answering any of your questions and finding solutions to all your problems.

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9. Wufoo


Wufoo offers you the possibility to create a form for you website via a drag and drop UX and not worry about anything else. It takes care to create the architecture and the database the form needs to function. What’s more, it will provide you with analytics to help you monitor the forms result and make reports on the collected data. Get Wufoo for your website right now and you won’t be disappointed.

10. Flat Icons


Choosing the right icons for your project, be it a website or an application, is no small task. You will need to be sure that these icons are of the highest quality and that they will fit in easily with your overall design. Luckily, there’s Flat Icons. This website offers bundles of top notch icons that look great and will add quality to your project. The icons from Flat Icons are easy to use and the vector files that are included in the bundles will allow you to resize them as needed without any loss of quality. In addition to this, you will be able to enjoy the icons in various formats, including AI, ESP, SVG or PNG. Browse the freebies section right now and take the icons for a test drive to see what they can do for your project.