15 Tools used by Expert Web Designers and Developers

Have you wondered what tools are experts using? If yes, this showcase is for you. You will find 15 tools and services used by professionals to win projects and save time. Time is money and experts hate losing their valuable time searching for new solutions over and over again. True experts constantly use the solutions in this showcase. Why? Because behind these solutions are great teams with strong work ethics that deliver awesome features and functionalities. Enjoy!

Browserling is one of the oldest (started in 2010 in California, USA) and most experienced online cross-browser testing companies in the world. We’ve been using it from 2011 and they recently had a major upgrade. And it got sooo much better. It’s actually become the best available cross-browser testing solution and expert web developers love it. That’s why we decided to showcase it.
First of all what is Browserling? It’s a live interactive cross-browser testing service. You just go to, choose a browser, hit Go button, and you can start testing you sites in 5 seconds. Browserling guys run browsers in virtual machines and stream them to you over a secure SSL connection. No installations, registration or credit card is needed. It’s super simple and it just works.
Not only can you test your website’s design but you can also test JavaScript code. As you know, every JavaScript engine in every browser is a quite bit different so Browserling is super useful for this. It also offers screenshots, local testing, responsive testing (this is so helpful – admit it) and a bug hunter for quick bug reporting.
At the moment you can use only Windows and Android browsers (KitKat, Marshmallow, Lollipop, Android N), but in the close future iOS, Mac OSX and Linux will be supported too. Browserling’s browsers are always updated to the latest version as soon as they come out (you can access all older ones too starting from version 1).
Their customers are both small designers and big firms like PBWorks and The NHS, UK’s National Health Service, which proves the service is well trusted. Browserling is a real time saver and we’ve placed it #1 in our list! We couldn’t live without it. Try it out!

Lucky Orange is the perfect analytics platform that will give a better performance to your website, as it will provide you with great users’ stats to help you transform more visitors into customers. This way, you will clearly see the reasons they don’t convert and you will be able to make the right changes.
The tools they give you are endless, but we have selected a few that caught our attention. The heat maps, of course, will show you how people read and interact with your site, by seeing their clicks, movement and scroll depth. You can segment heat map data by location, browser, dates, mobile users, and more. The conversion funnels are the best option to identify where people abandon a process on your website such as checking out or creating an account. Last but not least, the realtime dashboard makes you keep everything under control in real time: it gives you a list of all visitors currently on your website, you can play-back everything a visitor did and you can even chat with a visitor and co-browse with them to see what they are doing. For more, check them out!

Whether you are a web designer or a freelancer, or you run any sort of business online, Invoicely is the perfect choice for you, being trusted and used by more than 100,000 small businesses. It is a service that allows you to easily create beautiful, professional invoices and manage them all in one place.
Thanks to Invoicely, you get effortless invoicing, as it helps you create elegant looking estimates and invoices in just a few seconds, with little effort, in any language or currency in the world. You can deliver them easily to your clients and you can send as many as you like, as for any account level you have unlimited invoices. If you would like to give them a more unique look, that feels closer to your business style, you can even customise them how you wish, according to your brand. And if you have a need for recurring invoices, Invoicely makes it very easy for you to set that up. For more information, such as the online payments, the expense tracking or the finances, you can go and check them out!

Are you looking for a quick invoicing process for your business? Then InvoiceOcean is the solution for all your problems. Easy to use, you don’t need advanced IT knowledge, this app is not only help you to pay your bills online but to always keep your payment status. The four status indicators are issued, sent, paid, and partially paid. You can also set a reminder so you don’t have worry about forgetting this things and you can start concentrate of more important aspects of your business. If you need to travel a lot, or your just always moving it is important to know that all your data is stored on cloud and have unlimited access from anywhere you are. Install InvoiceOcean and change the way you pay bills.

5. Sketch to HTML by

Sketch to HTML
If you are a typical web designer, you naturally leave the coding to someone else, either because you have no choice, or you do not have the time or effort to do the coding yourself. Finding the right team to do your coding can be a challenge. Sketch to HTML by is by no doubt one of the best 2016 coders. More than simply a conversion that matches a Sketch design to the letter, the final result is fast loading and cross-browser compatible. Try it as soon as possible!

uKit is a drag-and-drop website builder offering small-sized businesses to create personalized websites in an easy yet effective way. All of the available themes are designed to display smoothly across all devices: tablets, smartphones, and desktops. Customizable widgets, visual editing tools, SEO, statistics, 24/7 support – all of these and much more are at your service. Having been launched over a year ago, uKit is already one of the leaders according to the key website building market researchers like

When aiming at creating a website that will cater to your private or business needs, Mobirise is one of the tools you should initially consider. This is the perfect website builder to help you create and promote any online project. The primary mission of the software is to make your web design process hassle-free and effective. With this purpose, the site builder offers a long list of features, which can become a real benefit for the newbies, who have not acquired any web design skills yet, as well as for pros willing to create reputable and functional websites.

The advantages provided by Mobirise are not limited to the features mentioned above. The software contributes to the boost of the website ranking in the search engines and makes it possible to host the project you have just developed anywhere you wish, without any limitations in the choice of service providers and platforms.

DealFuel brings the best-discounted deals for developers and designers, such as themes, plugins, SEO, tools, graphics, tutorials and more. You can get all these at incredible prices or even for free. Get these deals right into your inbox each day by signing up for their newsletter. See it to believe it.

PhotoWhoa offers software, tutorials and other informational tools about photography to help photographers and hobbyists improve their skills. You can learn right from the likes of Jason Cole, Ana Brandt, Anne McKinnell, Trey Ratcliff and many more renowned photographers. From photo-editing tools educative videos, ebooks and guides, you are sure to find something for every genre of photography.

CyberChimps themes, lets you have full control over your website, as all themes come with a drag and drop interface and a wide range of user-friendly tools. At CyberChimps, you can find something for everyone as they include niche themes for restaurants, e-Commerce Sites, Blogs, Magazines, travel companies, corporates, petcare, automobiles and more. Want access to all of them? Join the CyberChimps Club!

If you are actively looking for a logo redesign for your own small brand, you might want to take a look at OnlineLogoDesign. They have four proposals with different prices for any budget you have. And even the cheapest one, of $99, comes with a team of three designers to take care of your needs with creativity and professionalism.

If you are a starting a new business, but you don’t have any money to pay for marketing, you’ll have to do it yourself. Don’t worry, you don’t have to become a master artist for your brand icon, just use They offer five free designs daily and work with aspiring future designers, as part of one of their exams. Just complete the request and you’re good to go.

Another free theme created by COLORLIB is “Dazzling”, a modern and responsive flat design theme. It is highly customizable considering the fact it has unlimited color variations, many widget areas, flexible featured slider and a pixel perfect design, like Sparkling. It is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices. You can use it for portfolio, blog, travel, corporate, business services, personal and for many other reasons.

When deciding to create a functional website, you should initially choose the best tool that will help you cope with the process in a hassle-free and effective way. The site builder that works best for this purpose is MotoCMS. With dozens of professionally designed templates, easy-to-use and manage admin panel, WYSIWYG editor and other options you won’t find in other suchlike platforms, MotoCMS is definitely the best choice you could ever make! By using the website builder, even a newbie with no coding skills and web design experience can create a functional and professionally looking website!

Typeform is, as their users say, the most beautiful survey experience the web has ever seen. What’s that mean for your business? More responses, higher quality answers, more actionable data. Try it for 360 degree feedback with your teams. With clients like MailChimp and AirBNB, and features like a developer API, it’s obvious where your next form-building experience should start. Now, with Typeform LITE, a mobile app, you can even create surveys from your phone—anytime, anywhere. The free account is full of free templates, powerful features, and beautiful designs. Are you ready to boost your business? Then Typeform is not to be missed.

Our suggestion is to try every single tool and service presented in this showcase as experts are already using them and you will greatly improve your work. Which one do you like most ?