How WordPress is an Ultimate Choice To Ecommerce Web Development

WordPress has topped itself as one of the best CMS and blogging platform in terms of the services offered by it. Owing to its exclusive features and functionality, the CMS assists professional developers for the development of interactive designs. With the help of tailor-made designs and templates, WordPress enables site owners to make modification in fonts, logos and graphics as per the requirements. Flexibility and ease make WordPress web development a natural choice for the creation of eCommerce websites. It certainly suits those who are on the lookout for an economical, effective and adjustable platform with excellent look.

Listed below are some of the top reasons which suggest why WordPress can be a great choice to the development of eCommerce websites. Let’s explore in detail:

An extensive range of eCommerce themes and plugins

Designed on the basis of theme system and plugin architecture, WordPress themes turn a normal store into a multi-million dollar shopping site. WordPress features a variety of eCommerce plugins and themes that can not only give your site a complete revamping but can also add desired eCommerce functionality. This is what the beauty of WordPress actually about.

Countless options for product customization

Products in an eCommerce website function as the most compelling parts. In order to conquer the world of eCommerce, products need to be upgraded on a regular basis. If an online store contains complex products, it becomes quite challenging to customize them. With WordPress, the overall task becomes unburdensome and easy because it features a user-friendly dashboard to allow you to take your online shop to an advanced level, bringing in the feature of uniqueness. WordPress web development makes the process of customizing a product as easy as publishing a simple blog post.

Multiple payment gateways

eCommerce payment gateways are important for online transactions and are a crucial part of e-business. Choosing the right payment gateway is critical to eCommerce success. WordPress supports a wide range of trusted payment gateways like Worldpay, 2Checkout, Google Checkout, PayPal and many more. It facilitates the entire payment process by increasing your chances of sales. There are other payment options like COD (Cash on Delivery) which is preferred by users.

A plugin named WooCommerce comes with pre-installed gateways like Cash on Delivery, PayPal, Cheque Payment, Direct Bank Transfer and so on.

Seamless eCommerce integration

WordPress for eCommerce features easy integration options to get linked with existing blog or site. It saves you from the stress of designing an entirely new website. All you need to do, is to install an eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce to offer the exact look and feel as other parts of the website.

Easy installation, management and configuration

Setting up a blog with WordPress is quite easy. WordPress does not involve professionals to be a coding expert. With just a little bit of know-how’s, you can get your eCommerce site start and run in a matter of seconds. Be it product management or sales monitoring, WordPress makes everything a piece of cake. Most of the times, you even don’t need to take assistance from WordPress expert. With plenty of documentation provided, you can do almost everything on your own.

Open Source

WordPress is a free open-source content management system and does not require to pay a licensing fee. WordPress can be a huge saving for your business due to its versatility and functionality which allows developers to develop each other’s code and create custom layout and features. It offers complete control over your online portal. On the other hand, the vibrant and supportive community is always ready to help you whenever you get stuck somewhere. All you have to do is buy a relevant domain name and a reliable hosting plan.

Top-notch security

WordPress security has been a hot topic in the community and will always be. WordPress is a very secure system. It’s constantly evolving feature makes it even more secure. WordPress comes with a range of security plugins that can help protect your website from scams and attacks.

Wordfence is one such popular WordPress plugin that detects malicious changes to your website code and other common exploitation.

WordPress is attractive

The way your website looks like tells about the quality of your brand. Upon integration of a shopping cart system, you aim towards improving its overall appeal and feel. This, in turn, influences the buying/purchasing decision of users. So, if you want to leave your footprints in a way so as to target most of the consumers, you need to design an aesthetically impressive website using WordPress.

WordPress is well-organized

In WordPress, eCommerce sections are well-organized. The functions are well-defined, clean and simple to understand. The use of “Groups” tab allows insertion of unlimited categories and sub-categories for different functions. The feature allows easier navigation and efficient access to the function. This feature saves your time jumping from one page to the other just to get access to different functions.

Wrapping it Up!!

The major advantage of using WordPress over other platforms is the simplicity and freedom its gives to users to create their unique website. Despite its simplicity, it remains robust and provides all the necessary functionality for an eCommerce website. Though it has some exceptions, WordPress is still the superior choice for many online businesses. In order to know whether it suits your business or not, you should find out what to do with your online presence. Please keep a note of all the features you want and check out if some WordPress plugins can help you.

Author Bio: Jason Larue is a seasoned WordPress professional at PHPDevelopmentServices. He owns relevant knowledge in his area of expertise to offer custom WordPress development services. With a skill set of multiple years, he has delivered many successful projects to clients globally. This blog is one of his unique and well-written compositions aimed at delivering useful knowledge to readers.